Combination Filters

  • Filters built to order.
  • Easily maintained.
  • Designed with Koi Carp in mind.
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In-Store Combination Filters

KC Fibreglass, based in South Yorkshire, are expert manufacturers of Combination Pond Filters and pond pumps, designing, manufacturing and installing quality filters for ponds across the UK. Our professionally constructed filters consist of a primary vortex and three biological filtration chambers, and are all built to order, providing the ideal filtration system for Gravity or Pump fed systems.

All our filters are very easy to maintain, as all chambers have a separate drain for flushing waste. Each filter’s inlet and outlet pipes are fitted to customer requirements, so any size of pipe can be used.

We build three standard sizes of pump. The Combo 6000 is ideal for ponds up to 1300 – 1500 UK gallons, the Combo 12000 for 2500 – 3000 UK gallon ponds, and Combo 18000 for ponds up to 3500 – 4500 UK gallons. We also supply a media package consisting of Brushes, Japanese Matting Cartridges, Flocor, Springflow or Alfagrog, appropriate to the size of the filter. All filters are also supplied with connectors and slide valves to waste where appropriate.

Koi Pond Filter

KC Fibreglass have earned a fantastic reputation in the Koi Fibre-glassing community from the design and installation of Fibreglass Pond Lining and Pond Filters specifically designed for the needs of koi carp.

Regular garden pond filters, available in most garden centres across the country, were not designed with the needs of koi carp in mind and should never be used in a koi carp pond. At KC Fibreglass, we have built up a reputation through 80 years’ combined experience in GRP Manufacturing, providing quality products for koi carp ponds of all sizes.

Contact us today for advice on which filter best suits your needs, from one of our trusted fibreglass and pond filter specialists.

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Combination Pond Filters

Combo 6000

Combo Filter 6000


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Combo 12000

Combo Filter 12000


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