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Bespoke Pump Enclosure

KC Fibreglass, based in South Yorkshire, are expert GRP Manufacturers, specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke GRP Enclosures and waterproof junction boxes across the UK.

Glass reinforced plastic, or fibreglass, is the ideal material for enclosures across a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, as well as a variety of industry sectors, due to its weather resistant and non-corrosive properties. The non-conductive properties of GRP also make it ideal for electrical installations in areas with public access. GRP Enclosures are commonly used by the electrical, gas, water and rail industries, housing electrical and gas metering, water pumps, control panels and monitoring equipment. This is due to the incredibly safe, weather resistant and non-conductive properties of fibreglass, making it the perfect material for use in the industrial sector as well as for installations in public areas.

Bespoke Electrical Enclosures

We understand that a “one size fits all” philosophy doesn’t work, especially when installing enclosures across several industrial applications and public areas. That’s why, at KC Fibreglass, each of our waterproof junction box, outdoor electrical box and weatherproof enclosure designs are unique, with bespoke designs tailored to your exact specifications.

Our team of designers and manufacturers are highly skilled, installing innovative GRP products in the Highways, Rail, Motoring and Marine industries. We install a range of bespoke GRP products, including GRP Grating and GRP Lining as well as enclosures for many nationally and internationally recognised brands across the UK.

KC Fibreglass design, manufacture and install bespoke GRP Enclosures for a wide range of industries across the country. Contact us for more information on our weatherproof enclosure installations.

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