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  • 80 years' combined experience.
  • High quality finish.
  • Installations completed across the country.
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Architectural Design

Formed in 2010 and based in South Yorkshire, KC Fibreglass are expert GRP Manufacturers, offering professional installations throughout the UK. We have over 80 years’ combined experience in the design, manufacture and installation of GRP products, exclusively using Lloyds Approved Materials to obtain a smooth, durable, low maintenance finish on all our fibreglass and GRP products.

Our team of highly skilled GRP designers and fabricators manufacture and install innovative products in the Highways, Rail, Motoring and Marine industries. GRP is a versatile material, able to replace a range of traditional building materials for innovative, unique architectural solutions in the commercial and industrial sectors. The weatherproof properties of GRP make it ideal for a range of interior and exterior applications, for a wide variety of commercial and industrial uses.

GRP, or fibreglass, stands for “glass-reinforced plastic,” and is an excellent material with a wide range of benefits and applications, both commercial and residential.

There are many GRP properties that make it perfect for a range of outdoor applications. The material is cheaper and more flexible than carbon fibre, able to be moulded into many complex shapes. GRP fibreglass is also a lightweight material with inherent strength, stronger than many metals by weight. This, combined with its weather-resistant and waterproof properties, make it ideal for a wide variety of commercial and domestic uses.

We manufacture products and conduct work for many nationally recognised brands, working with Councils, institutions, and attractions like London Zoo and Tropical World, providing bespoke architectural and construction solutions across the country.

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Bespoke GRP Products

All the GRP products we install at KC Fibreglass are bespoke, designed and built to your specifications for a truly superior GRP solution. Our team have a fantastic reputation designing, manufacturing and installing a range of GRP products across the country.

Some common GRP uses in the commercial and industrial sectors include:

  • Flat roofing
  • Railway covers
  • Pump house enclosures
  • Pipes
  • Tank lining
  • Shower trays
  • Auto parts
  • Vents
  • Caravan parts
  • Boat parts

One of our core products is our fibreglass pond lining, widely accepted as the best on the market. We use Lloyds Approved Materials to obtain a quality finish, with a life expectancy of over 20 years.

At KC Fibreglass, we are proud to install some of the best GRP products available on the market. Our bespoke solutions and expert installations ensure our customers are happy with the finished product, with fantastic looking fibreglass products installed across the UK. Contact us below for more information on any of our GRP products, designs and installations.

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