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Koi Pond Fibreglassing | KC Fiberglass: Pond Lining Specialists

Glass Reinforced Polyester Fibreglass (GRP) ponds is the most efficient way to line your pond, is has substantial advantages over different inferior and expensive methods.

Being the most effective method, fibreglassing has many benefits over alternative methods, matting reinforces the structure which adds strength in a ponds construction. Fibreglass also gives a great smooth surface (when a final topcoat/flow coat is appied) which seals the pond. Fibreglass also has a lifespan that outlives may other alternatives.

The most popular colours are black, green and grey as these are the most obvious colours that would suit a pond, they blend into any location and give a great background to show off koi carp. However we can match your pond lining's pigmentation to any British Standard colour.

Fibreglassing your pond is great because you can fibreglass straight to the pond itself, this gives each fibreglassed pond its own bespoke liner. The chopped strand matt is reinforced by a finishing topcoat, giving extra strength which butyl liners cannot provide. Fibreglass is supple we can seal to any tricky corners or surfaces.


GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) fibreglass ponds

A well constructed pond is a must if you want a perfect fibreglassed lining, a reinforced concrete block build with 3:1 cement render is normal practice. You want your pond as smooth as possible and be hard to the touch, you don't want sand or dust. The idea with fibreglassing is that it will follow any step and every contour, therefore any mistake will be reflected in the final finish. The better the pond finish itself the better the outcome of the lining.

To get the best finish for your pond, all corners internally and externally should be rounded, chamfered or filleted. Rounding of corners eliminates any dead spots in the circulation of the pond when filled enabling a much more efficient pond.

It is best to fit any skimmers, pipework, windows, light fittings and bottom drains before fibreglassing and then fit the topping stones or coping afterwards. This allows a lap over the top of the pond and the topping stones can be fitted to trap the edge, however if you already have topping stones or coping its not a problem as adhesive is available to help fix it.

On average we can fibreglass a pond from start to finish in 1 - 1 1/2 days. Bigger ponds can take unto 2/3 days. We travel all over the UK and have previously gone as far as Holland and Belgium to fibreglass ponds.


GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) fibreglass ponds

One of the main issues surrounding fibreglassing your pond is weather. The ideal conditions to fibreglass would be a dry, mildly overcast day around 18 degrees. Getting these conditions however can be rare and extra measures should be taken, for example a good, strong waterproof cover should be erected before we arrive. This ensures that we can carry out our work without any downtime or extra incurred costs. Make sure your cover extends at least 3-4 ft past the walls of the pond, this gives us enough room to work. Insuring your pond is as clean as it can be is a major factor when preparing it for fibreglassing, also having a dry pond is a must. A wet pond will lessen the life span of the fibreglass and lead to future problems, if you have an issue with wet/leaking ponds please contact us for advice on this.

PU Foam Lined Ponds


Re-fibreglassing a pond is also a service we offer. Please state this when arranging your quote as our pricing structure differs from fibreglassing newly constructed ponds.

PU Foam Lined Ponds are becoming more and more popular. When fitted we ask that it is securely fixed and joints are correctly flush and butted. Although giving heat retention advantages the foam can be easily damaged during the fibreglass process, mainly the floor area by walking on it. Flat boards will be required to help spread the weight and avoid this issue.

Ponds are generally charged by the square metre and a phone call is usually sufficient to obtain your quote.

Alternatively, you can use our online pond fibreglassing calculator to obtain an estimate instantly. 

There maybe additional labour costs where a job maybe slightly more complicated, for example if the pond is either very large or where long distance travel and accommodation is required.

Please call us on 01226 344567 or 07788 877 798, email or text us your pond details and your location and we shall respond as fast as possible to answer any of your queries and provide you with a free no obligation estimate.